Our Personal Ceremonies:

Weddings, Baptisms & Memorials


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Every couple is different and has their own vision of their ceremony and how they would like it conducted.  In the over 6,000 weddings we have officiated, every one of them has been unique in some way and has had its own individual flair.  Why?  Because we are all different! 


Over the years we have come to understand that couples want certain styles of ceremonies.  The ceremonies described briefly below reflect those different styles.  You may blend portions together if you choose, add your own ideas, remove anything that does not fit for you, customize, personalize, and then there are the chosen few who are brave enough to write their own vows, or even write their entire ceremony.  No matter what, we are here to help and guide you through this process.


In other words, we are here to make your special occasion unique and memorable. Again, our approach is that it is an honor and a privilege to be a part of your Special Day, and we want to make sure your ceremony is exactly the way you both would like it.

Descriptions of our Wedding Ceremonies:
Contemporary: This is a non-religious ceremony incorporating the qualities and attributes of marriage:  love, commitment, loyalty, and creativity. It emphasizes the importance of your decision and encourages you to make your marriage all that it can be.  This is a great ceremony for couples who want an upbeat and (neutral) ceremony.  (15 minutes)

  Another non-religious ceremony incorporating the individuality of each person while maintaining equality through your union as husband and wife. Includes a Chinese proverb. (20 minutes)

Friendship & Love:
  A non-denominational ceremony (neutral) for couples who have begun their relationship as friends and before blossoming into love. Being best friends and understanding that it takes more than love, including trust, honesty and commitment to make a marriage work are emphasized. (20 minutes)

  A religious ceremony using Scripture verses, many references to God and what He has to say about the marriage union.  The traditional vows are included (for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, etc., 'till death do us part...). The Lord's Prayer is offered, along with blessings directed to the bride & groom.  (20 minutes)

  This ceremony incorporates words such as "holy" and "sacred" and is somewhere midpoint between Contemporary and Traditional.  This is for the couple who wish to have a basically non-religious ceremony yet a feeling of spirituality, incorporating God into the vows.  The couple is encouraged to be the best they can be.  A brief prayer is offered. (20 minutes)

Interfaith ~ Intercultural:
  This is perfect for couples who come from different faith or cultural backgrounds and wish to bring the families together with wording such as "new beginnings," "keeping traditions of the past, but starting your own traditions," "creativity."    Whether you come from a Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or other religious faith background, and are marrying someone from a different faith or culture, this ceremony is designed especially for you.  (15 minutes)

There are many ways we can accommodate your bilingual concerns. We will work with you to see that any language barrier is tastefully addressed.

Traditions from faith backgrounds:
Any wedding ceremony tradition you would like to incorporate from your own religion or culture is encouraged; such as, drinking of the cup of wine & breaking the glass from the Jewish faith: the coins, cord and veil from the Catholic faith, jumping the broom, etc.
Use your own ideas to personalize, customize or write your own vows

Rose Exchange:
A Red Rose is exchanged between the bride and groom as their first gift to each other as a husband and wife.  It is also a reminder on each anniversary of the vows of commitment they made to each other. It is a lovely conclusion that can be added to any of the above ceremonies, if you so desire.  (Add 1 minute to ceremony)

Presentation of Rose to Mother:
Many couples like to honor and offer gratitude to their parents, mothers, grandparents to thank them for the love and guidance that was given to them in their growing years. These symbols of love through the presentation of roses/flowers are a promise that they will always be in the bride's and groom's hearts and life. (Add 1 minute to ceremony)

Unity Candle Lighting:
A lovely symbol of your individual lives now merging together as one is the meaning behind the Unity Candle.  Mothers of the bride & groom are given the opportunity to participate in the ceremony as they light the two outer candles representing the bride & groom as individuals.  Then the couple takes the lit candles and together light the center candle as a symbol of their unity as husband and wife.  This is the perfect time for a soloist or special music to be played.  (Add 3 minutes to ceremony)

Sand Blending:
This is a lovely alternative to the traditional Unity Candle lighting, and can be used when weather conditions are too breezy, at the beach, or you simply want something different. Different colors of sand are blended between the bride & groom representing their individual lives now merging together as one. You can incorporate your mothers/parents representing the support and blessings from each family. If children are involved they can be included with their own individual colors of sand. Background music can be added during this section. (Add 3 minutes to ceremony)

Tea Ceremony:
A Chinese wedding tea ceremony is the quintessential Chinese wedding tradition. This time-honored exchange was created to show honor and respect for the bride and groom's families. This brief ceremony is conducted within the wedding ceremony. Tea is served by the bride and groom to their parents and grandparents only. (Add 3 minutes to ceremony)

Other Fun Options:
You can also incorporate other fun options such as the Wine Box Ceremony, Love Letters, Well Wish Stones, Hands of Love, Dove or Butterfly Release, Tree Planting, or anything else you have seen or heard of that would be of special significance to you.

You may wish to remember a loved one who has passed. Though they are not with you physically, they are with you in spirit on this Special Day in your lives. There are different options and wording selections to choose from to honor them.

Renewal of Vows:
This celebrates the years of marriage between a husband and wife.  It matters not what yearly anniversary is being celebrated.  This is for the couple who are still so in love with each other as when they first married, and now through the years have maintained and honored that love and wish to express it anew to each other through a renewal of their vows of commitment.  The Rose Exchange is included in a modified form to fit the couple's lifelong commitment.  A lovely Victorian Renewal of Vows Certificate is provided.  (10 minutes)

Special Recognition of Merging Families with Children:
Often there are already children who will share in this marriage, whether they are youngsters of the bride and groom, or from a previous marriage.  This inclusion of the children is inserted at a particular point in the ceremony to recognize them and their importance in the marriage.  There are vows for the children and for the bride and groom.  There are different versions to include the children: one for a blended family, and one for children who are the bride and groom's offspring  A presentation to the children of a special gift is encouraged to form the bonds of a new family.  (Add 3 minutes to ceremony)

Baptisms & Baby Dedications:
A wise woman once told us that the extension of a man and woman's love is children.   Our response was - Beautiful! Many times couples would like to have their baby baptized or dedicated now that they have started their family life together.  It is a great and wonderful time for family and close friends to celebrate a new life as the little one is baptized or dedicated.  This service is nondenominational, has vows for the parents and godparents (if applicable), gives the meaning of the child's name, and offers a Scripture verse for the child.  This service is particularly enjoyable for us since we are able to see couples we have previously married and their families once again to share another wonderful event in their lives.  A Baptism or Baby Dedication Certificate is provided.  (10 minutes)

There are several times in a person's life when you need a minister, and this is another one.  This service is nondenominational, but can be customized to reflect the faith of the one who has passed.  An uplifting, comforting and flexible service that allows the family to incorporate music, readings or statements of reflection from others, or any other option they choose.  (30 minutes)